Apple Leaf LLC has 20 years of expertise working across the United States in food safety and integrated pest management. Our consulting, auditing, and IPM services allow growers and producers to increase their yields and to streamline their operations in today’s climate.

Concerned about new food safety regulations? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a grower, packer, shipper or processing facility, our trained staff can help you reach your certification goals throughout critical points in your operation.

Food Safety Expertise


Apple Leaf offers food safety consulting services which will help you maintain compliance with the industry’s most up-to-date requirements. We specialize in high risk crops and novel foods. Whether you operate in traditional facilities or with unique or complex processing systems, we can advise on the best way to assess, train, verify, inspect and audit Food Safety and Quality systems.

Our experts can help you navigate:

  • Market opportunities
  • Customer Requirements
  • Federal, State & International regulations and requirements
  • Crisis/recall events


Apple Leaf audits for both GFSI and non-GFSI schemes. As independent auditors, we work with multiple certification bodies throughout the U.S. Our employees work within local agricultural production regions across the country. Drawing on years of experience, we can audit multiple schemes during our first site visit.

For a full list of our food safety consulting and auditing services, please visit our FOOD SAFETY page.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Expertise

Apple Leaf is privately owned and has no affiliation with any agriculture product-based companies. Our goal in the IPM arena is to provide our clients with unbiased, real-time information so that they can effectively manage identified pests and commodities.

We conduct thorough farm inspections, provide detailed scouting reports, and offer up-to-date pesticide recommendations.

For more details on our integrated pest management services, please visit our IPM page.

Our mission at Apple Leaf is ensuring that our clients understand new industry regulations so that they can be successful up and down the supply chain.

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