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We know your time is limited. We can save you time and resources by taking you through the organic development process from planning to certification. Contact us; let us get you into the markets quickly!

For growers interested in organic production and certification, one of the challenges is finding the time to put together a complete and comprehensive organic certification program. We have found that many people are believers in organic production and have been producing commodities with organic principles, but do not have the time to complete an organic program.

This is where Apple Leaf can help. Our knowledge of certification requirements and time lines will save you countless hours. We have experience with the necessary certification documents including (but not limited to):

  • crop rotation
  • pest strategies
  • sanitation programs for equipment
  • list of equipment
  • mapping of production areas
  • documented sources of organic seeds
  • proof of 3 years of no-chemical application
  • records of sales
  • crop list