Integrated Pest Management for Growers and Agricultural Producers in the New York Region

Our main IPM focus is on tree fruits such as apples, cherries and peaches but we also handle a variety of services for smaller vegetable, berry and greenhouse  growers. We have a diverse and experienced team that will help you control your insect, weed and pathogen pests.

Farm Inspections

  • Our scouts will regularly visit your grow sites to inspect your crops and grounds for pests and problems.

Detailed Scouting Reports

  • We take pride in explaining what we see and will keep you updated about prospective problems in you operation.

Pesticide Recommendations

  • We can review your spray applications and make up-to-date recommendations to keep your operation ahead of the game and producing big.

Nutrient and Fertilizer Recommendations

  • Your crops need help at certain times of the year to boost production and perform well throughout the season. Our recommendations will keep your farm healthy.

Record Keeping

  • An option for our growers and an especially useful service for those participating in farm certifications like Red Tomato or other Organic Programs.

Apple’s Leaf’s ultimate goal is to assist growers in the process of managing pests and pesticide use in a way that suits each grower’s specific needs and resources. In the upcoming growing season, let us be your eyes and ears in the fields, orchards or greenhouses. Our wide range of services is tailored to meet your needs and match your financial resources