Apple Leaf



We live in a world of fast-paced development, which poses challenges to communities in the areas of planning and resource conservation. As professionals in the field of land-use and environmental planning, Apple Leaf ‘s staff helps decision makers acquire the unbiased information they need to make sound, appropriate decisions.

Our range of services and abilities can be tailored to meet the requirements of a particular town or village. In the area of land-use planning, we can provide studies and tools such as fiscal and zoning analyses and attribute mapping (i.e., the tracking of development in an area). We also provide assistance with programs such as the transfer of development rights and incentive zoning, which are often recommended or even required in town Comprehensive Plans.

Apple Leaf's experienced staff uses GIS technology to create maps based on current information (such as acreage and topography), while also showing the impacts of new factors (such as a housing or road development). Apple Leaf has the expertise to turn this knowledge and comprehensive data into up-to-date, precise maps—thereby providing communities and decision makers with a powerful planning tool.